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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a truth

To be honest, i really hate to be me. No, not because my life seems terrible or what. I actually and absolutely love my life with all the happiness and all the sadness i had. Just consider that all the sadness is just a something to be learned. But i hate to be a jealousy. Seems like i curb someone's life but i didnt mean to. I dont want to share it here, seems like this blog is not safe enough to share what i felt. I just want to say that i really hate to be me

Honestly, this is came from my deepest heart, told ya that i dont want to being like this. I really want to be a mature and happy one, happier person more than before. I dont want my life to getting more worse than this. I had enough. Heartsick, pains, jealousy, what else?

I really didnt mean to be. I dont want to be like that. But my heart lead me to this way, to being jealous easily (or call it extremely easy) and i dont know how to hide the feeling. It's hard for me. Everybody who knows me well are already know who i am. I even could be jealous and been so annoyed with my bestfriends when i felt jealous or anything else

Really, i swear, i dont want to. But it's such a hard to be more better than this. If i can be able to giving up, i would really really want to, with all my pleasure, to give up with all of these. It seems easy but it's hard for me. But this is life, everything's happened to be accepted, not to be regret

Im the one who couldnt accept truth easily. But this time, life gave me a tons of (hurt)truths to be accepted. Well, it's hard, but i dont want to be optimist, i dont want to hope for anything. I just want to let it flow. I dont care about another people tought. I walked in my own way, they walked in their own way. Im not promise for this but i'll try, just try, to be better. Not to be jealousy girl

For anyone, friends or bestfriends or even for a strangers i didnt know. Im sorry. I really didnt mean to curb your life. I know, everybody has their own competency to choose the way they lived. I know, i was so selfish. I was a selfish and moody one and jealousy one too. I really didnt mean to

Forgive me, pals c: